Basic Instinct

The use of this lighting is effective, as the audience's attention is drawn directly to Catherine Tramell, and encourages us to deeply analyze her character.

Another technical aspect of the film noir genre, is the use of long, vertical and high-angle film shots. The purpose of this technique is to leave an unsettling impression, creating a mood of alienation and loneliness (Hordnes, 1999). An example of this would be the long, vertical, outdoor shot of Nick's apartment building. It is a metaphoric image of a prison, or his world as a prison, emphasizing the fatalistic view of the world. The scene mimics Nick's entrapment by Catherine Tramell as he knows that he could be the next victim in her evil scheme.

One of the most infamous elements of the film noir, is the key player - the femme fatale. She is a mysterious, independent and hardworking woman, who is also manipulative and seducing. She is ambitious, exciting and promiscuous, using the power of sex to obtain what she desires. Catherine Tramell portrays an ambitious writer, who is wealthy and owns an entire estate. She is independent, living on her own, and is distant with



Homeostasis... as animal breathing and instinct. It is a self-regulating mechanism that allows a system to avoid paying detailed attention to its most basic functions thereby ... (865 3 )

DREAMS... Thanatos or death). He saw sexual motivation or life instinct as biologically rooted and demanding satisfaction. Libido was stated ... (3799 15 )

Primate Studies... Approx 6 Pages) Theories of Biological Instinct ... social life, and Konrad Lorenz is cited in particular: "There was, we were told, a basic biological individual ... (1644 7 )

Condition of Human Suffering... responses are within the same person; the numbness is a survival instinct - no one ... witness it, we are not the first ordinary human beings to question the basic. ... (1652 7 )

After-Death Communication... presented the notion that human beings are driven by sexual and aggressive drives and mental conflict results from thwarted expression of these basic drives. ... (5883 24 )

Primate Evolution... Approx 6 Pages) Theories of Biological Instinct .... ... 1. A generalized limb structure, including basic pentadactyly and retention of bones often lost in other ... (1685 7 )


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