Compare and contrast Frankenstein

aE(Shelly 39). Although, unrelated to Victor, Henry came to see him and to check up on him because no one had heard of him for days. Hence the book and the movie are very similar concerning Victor in this scene.

There are many differences in this scene as well. For example in the movie Victor Frankenstein had much inspiration. First his mother died and even though that happened in the book as well he was still planning to go to Ingolstadt and to study as shown in this quotation: "When I had attained the age of seventeen my parents resolved that I should become a student at the university of mother sickened...She died calmly...aE(Shelley 28-29). Second, M. Waldman becomes a quasi-mentor to young Victor Frankenstein in the Branagh's movie's plot while in Shelley's original plot he was just the friendlier teacher. In Branagh's version he was an older wiser version of Victor that had already attempted a similar experiment and was very close but decided to stop before things went out of control and was not persistent as Victor was. Though Victor's persistence could be due to



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