A piece of string

It is as if Hauchecorne was not trusted by society before the incident with the piece of string. This may indicate that Hauchecorne is poor. Hauchecorne could have been trying to gain the societies trust by repeating the story over and over again. Checkov afflicts most of his characters with such flaws as laziness, hypocrisy, pretentiousness, and seld-destructivness which is apparent through the behaviors of both Hauchecorne and Maladain

Maitre Hauchecorne personally killed himself by insisting that society forgives him. Hauchecorne is living a lie and he cannot stand it. "Checkov's stories frequently illustrate situations of hardship, boredom, and mundane sufferingaE two of which are illustarted through Maitre Hauchecorne's behavior. He tells his story to make himself feel better and to tell everybody he did not do it. Nobody believes Hauchecorne and that makes him want to tell the story to more people to prove his innocence



Animal Farm and Maus... Please God . . . Help me find a piece of string and a shoe that fits!" However, as Spiegelman adds by way of commentary: "But here God didn't come. ... (1657 7 )

2 Experiments Introduction: At... During motion due to the added weight, the tension in the string will be increased because of the ... A smooth piece of graph paper was taped down on the clipboard ... (980 4 )

Shamans... As with the Washo and Lakota Sioux, curing involves removing something from the patient, such as a stone, a bullet or a piece of string, and the holy man ... (3264 13 )

Mussorgsky, Dvorak & Barber... piece; guitarist Andres Segovia transcribed it to his instrument, assigning the repeated pedal point that characterises the music to the lowest string. ... (960 4 )

Comparison of Mozart's "Haydn Quartets" to Haydn... from the traditional order, in which the second movement was a slow piece and the ... expressive weight."7 Mozart also often used this order in his string quartets ... (2948 12 )

The Port of New Orleans... Each piece of the equipment had to be bar-coded for reassembly in Australia ... and on across the Atlantic to Europe to complete the Pearl String circumnavigation. ... (2470 10 )


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