American industrial worker

aE They labored for Congress to pass acts to stop andor limit immigration, and it succeeded. An act was passed in the 1880's that forbade criminals to enter the country. Later Congress also forbade foreign workers under a contract. Immigration was such a problem that Congress even completely banned one particular ethnic group: The Chinese. When the Chinese Exclusion Act was first passed, it was vetoed by Hayes. But when he was no longer in power, it was ratified in 1882.4 Due to these exclusions bans on immigration on foreigners, the American Industrial workers were not as threatened with their job security. They would have more chances to obtain the jobs they wanted at reasonable prices. However if all these immigrants were here, the industrial workers would not feel as safe w their jobs and thus lose the



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WWI and its Aftermath... Progressives fought for worker's rights and civil liberties ... the war, continued to transform American society from ... agrarian nation into an urban, industrial power ... (896 4 )


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