Amish Essay

The Amish people stay on friendly terms with non-Amish people who live in close proximity to their farms and also engage in business dealings with non-Amish buyers (Kraybill, 1993). They believe that government is necessary to maintain order, to punish wrongdoings, to protect its citizens, and to provide a police force (Hostetler, 1980). The Amish believe that the government should not encroach into spiritual territory (Kraybill, 1993), just as it states in the First Amendment to the Constitution. However, the Amish's definition of a religious issue is quite different from the rest of society. While most Americans do not consider Social Security, other Welfare programs, and Military conscription a matter of religion, the Amish consider these issues to be a violation of the their beliefs (Niemeyer Kraybill, 1993). This is because the Amish have a completely different lifestyle from the rest of American society where their lives do not separate daily routine and religious routine. This theme of Amish life is referred to as Gelassenheit, which explain the daily attitudes and actions that expected out of each Amish person. This includes submitting oneself to God's will and authority (Kraybill, 1993). Because they are pacifi



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