AP American History 1987 DBQ

Tensions increased even further with the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, and with the Dred Scott decision. The American people were beginning to lose faith in the Constitution and its powers to keep order.

The US Constitution was meant to be a steady, unchanging source of law for the citizens of America to count on to keep their freedoms safe and maintain harmony within the states, but with the issue of slavery, both North and South found within the Constitution arguments for their cause. Many in the North believed that the "blessings of libertyaE should be extended to slaves as well as white men. They felt that since slavery is never directly mentioned in the Constitution, it therefore has no protection by law (E). The South argued that as slaves were property, the Constitution protected slave holders from having their property taken away from them. Some southern slave owners also felt that the Constitution was even lacking without actually giving specific protection to slavery and providing a law stating "the remedy for fugitive slavesaE (B).Many looked to the Constitution for an answer to the problem of slavery, believing that there must be somewhere one decision tha



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