A Good Critic

A good critic is not one who is always negative.

Everyone is already an art critic. Changing a television channel to look for something better or changing a radio station on your way to work implies a critical act.

Descriptive criticism- This is to describe what we see in an art piece but not to say if it is good or bad. We concentrate on form by describing important characteristics in order to increase our understanding of part to part and part to whole interrelationships. Good critics call



The Lack of Critical Thinking in the US... the US and Australia (University of NSW Press, 1995), Australian social critic Alex Carey ... In other words, the 1950s motto of "What's good for General Motors is ... (989 4 )

Ere Ibeji... Twins were now viewed as an omen of "good fortune for their family and their death a great misfortune," (Ere, p. 1). Ere ibeji were now sculpted to represent ... (759 3 )

The Use of Symbolism in Iris Murdoch... It has been observed by more than one critic that Murdoch's novels are typically set in ... Yet in The Sea, the Sea and The Nice and the Good, much of the action ... (1510 6 )

David Ricardo's Economic Theory... Nonetheless, Ricardo continued to be a vociferous critic of laws which favored landowners ... advantage holds that the producer who can produce a good more cheaply ... (3318 13 )

Influence of Reading on Writing... Good writingà.is closely allied to good reading: both ... But, perhaps the worst review a writer could get is if some critic says "He (or she) writes like another ... (1546 6 )

The movie Philadelphia & Homosexuality... Critic John Simon, who did not like Philadelphia very much, comments on the ... hurries to become a courtroom drama, which everyone can have good, wholesome fun ... (1526 6 )


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