Why the Novel Matters

Then he goes on saying that like "a bottle or a jug, or a tin can, or a vessel of clayaE our body bleeds when it is cut. But the difference that sets it apart is the life in the skin, vein, bone or blood this is inside. But in case of other inanimate objects the entities inside are as dead as the outer. "And that's what you learn, when you're a novelistaE quips Lawrence to define the people in this field. So the superficial "logic" of this passage is conspicuously off: to refute the notion that the body is merely a vessel for the soul, he "proves" that skin and bone are just as "alive" as blood is. But the rhetorical play with figurative language is impressive. When Lawrence takes the cliched metaphor and undermines the validity of that metaphor by reducing it to simile ("True, if I cut it will bleed like a can of cherriesaE), he changes the terms of the trope so that the body is no longer a vessel for the soul but a vessel for the "bleedingaE (because the can of cherries literally and figuratively bleeds). When triumphantly he declares that the bones are just as alive as the blood, both o



The Red Badge of Courage As Anti-War Novel... Part of the effectiveness of Crane's novel in making this anti-war argument is that he has picked a war which most would agree was ... All that matters is survival ... (1711 7 )

George Eliot's novel Adam Bede... matters in his old age . . . " (178). In fact, George Eliot's characters are so expertly drawn that they seem like real people, and the drama of the novel is ... (2069 8 )

James A. Michener's novel "The Novel"... young writer and at the end of Michener's novel begins a new novel in which he ... It would be stretching matters to claim that Yoder has had one of Maslow's "peak ... (1942 8 )

Frederick Douglass' Novel The Heroic Slave... The events and action of the novel center on a conflict that is essentially a ... The setting matters because of slavery; Ohio is different from Virginia, and free ... (723 3 )

Natsume Soseki's novel Kokoro... Sensei gives the novel a special moral power because he has felt guilty his entire ... He answers: "I had come to distrust people in money matters, but I had not ... (1791 7 )

Achebe' novel Things Fall Apart... exile, however, takes place at a crucial point in the novel for while ... To complicate matters, the English have pretty much taken over the true administration of ... (1558 6 )


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