A Truth Not Told

It has been know that Columbus fought to prove this fact, this automatically removes one motive of his struggle to get a right of passage to the west. Columbus searched long and hard to get the approval of a kingdom to fund his voyage. He spent many years in Portugal, and after no avail, he moved on to Spain. In Spain the king and queen tried his patience, but finally approved his voyage. The movie portrayed Columbus's fight for approval look particularly easy, without much convincing. Another reason of Columbus's voyage that was not stressed in the movie was his holy path to convert the Asian world to Christianity. Koning pronounced, "When he discussed his westward voyage, he always dwelt on its religion aspects: to convert the Asian "heathensaE to Catholicism.aE2 Ridley Scott's Columbus did not emphasize this as one of his main considerations for crossing the sea. Gold ruled in the world in the 1400 and 1500's, countries would search and fight over it. Spain liked the idea of a search for gold. Getting to Asia which was prosperous in gold was Columbus's promise. Armesto writes, "This must have helped stimulate the search for altervative sources of gold and may help to exp



Truth and Eating Disorders... Truth doesn't really matter all that much. Of course, this is not what we were told as children, when we heard all about George Washington and the whole cherry ... (1382 6 )

Professional Liars... argues that public trust in these professions requires a truth-telling narrative that may sometimes rely on a well-told lie. He does not, however, actually ... (1688 7 )

Use of Euphemism... store for those people who diverge from this straight-and-narrow path of truth. ... process of urination a process that most people have been told not to discuss ... (2669 11 )

Lies My Teacher Told Me... James W. Loewen (1995, p. 20) in Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong. In actuality, Columbus did not discover America ... (921 4 )

Jury nullification... told the jury only to decide whether Zenger was guilty of publishing the articles, not whether they were true. However, Zenger's lawyer argued that the truth ... (1232 5 )

The War on Terror... Hermann Goering's statement(while there is truth to it ... Pentagon, plus the wreckage of planes told the story ... a response to attack from the outside, not an inside ... (1117 4 )


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