Ancient Egypt Greece and Rome

This chair was found in the elaborate burial chamber of Tutankhamen who was a pharaoh (i.e. ruler) in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian society was one of a strong hierarchy and the pharaoh was the most important, in fact the Egyptians even believed him to be a god. They also were obsessed with the after life and believed people needed their earthy possessions for this after life, hence burying it with them.

(Online: MSN: Encarta). They also believed strongly in pleasing their wide variety of gods through sacrifices and rituals. This is what they lived for.

The illustration of the chair is a reconstruction, because it was originally constructed of wood that was covered with gold (Desroches, 1969:293) and obviously with time the wood deteriorated, but the gold plating was left for the reconstruction (Brunt, 1985:44). The chair was used as a throne hence the expensive material, gold. It showed wealth, status and power. While none of the 'ordinary' people's furniture has survived, because they were only made of wood.

The chair is very formal; it is just a straight solid back, with arm supports, not very comfortable and no use of ergonomics. The Egyptian chairs stayed like that for years



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