Arab and Israeli Conflict

Then, in the aftermath of the Holocaust, the Jews were given a homeland in Israeli because of a World War II agreement. This meant that Palestinians in this area were forced to move of to live in harmony. The Israelis believed what was is written in their text, the Torah. It stated that the land of Israel was and is promised to them by God himself. The use of Islamic religion to encourage suicide bombers with the promise of heavenly life with virgins, illustrates the great gap between Islam and Jewish beliefs. The Hebrew Bible prohibits killing in the Ten Commandments and completely rejects suicide. Being very religious people they were willing to defend it with their lives, money, and, most importantly, their military.

The first effect of the Arab and Israeli conflict is a very strong and active Israeli military. Since there are many nations that are against them in the surrounding area, it is a necessity for them to have a powerful military at their disposal. Not only are neighboring Palestinians constantly attacking them, but also during the Gulf War they were hit with numerous missiles by Iraq. Now with the constant threat of war looming in the area, it is crucial for them to keep their military strong. Sup



The Arab-Israeli ConflictThe Arab-Israeli Conflict. Throughout the years of the Arab-Israeli conflict, one of the dominant themes has been whether or not ... (1597 6 )

History of the Arab-Israeli ConflictHistory of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. ... That day also marks the beginning of the Arab-Israeli conflict, which has dominated the world stage for half a century. ... (2466 10 )

ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT SIMULATIONSARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT SIMULATIONS. ARAB-ISRAELI ... computer simulations. The two simulations are entitled Arab-Israeli Conflict (AIC) and Conflix. ... (1606 6 )

US and Arab Media Coverage of Palestinian-Israeli Conflict... would have their own independent state, the First Intifada gradually wound down between 1991 and 1993 ("Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict", 2000 ... (9803 39 )

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Arab-Israeli Relations... They were busy overstating their policies in a way that radicalized the Arab-Israeli conflict. ... Rubinstein, Alvin Z. The Arab-Israeli Conflict. ... (1532 6 )


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