Non-traditional students

When we see the word non in Non-Traditional, we think of it as a negative or abnormal. Non-Traditional students can sometimes be looked upon as different or strange because of the classes to be taken to earn a degree. For example you may not ever see a Non-Traditional student taking a course in gymnastics (a course that is needed to complete a physical education degree) because of the physical ability to do certain things in the class. A much younger student or what we would consider the Traditional student would be perceived as ok for taking this class even if their physical ability would not let them do it.

Even the language that Non-Traditional students use are sometimes considered weird or strange even though what they are saying is politically correct. Such things may be as simple as calling a building on their campus by the full name that was given to it, where that, a traditional student may abbreviate the name to a much shorter version that is accepted (ex: Downing University Center would be called DUC). However if a Non-Traditional student used the abbrevi



Community College Instruction of Adult Students... As we embark upon the 21st century, the number of nontraditional students continues to increase in the total college population. ... (6042 24 )

Use of Technology in Higher Education... Such distance learning programs enable nontraditional students and minorities (handicapped, etc.) to take advantage of educational opportunities in ways that ... (1221 5 )

Academic Language... used in classroom settings, has been fairly well-established as a variable that increases the learning difficulties of language minority students (Solomon & ... (1998 8 )

English as a Second Language... These nontraditional students access learning opportunities at MDC to enhance their own socioeconomic status, acculturation, and academic achievement. ... (9630 39 )

Literacy and Adults... These students are called nontraditional since they differ from the average college students ranging in age from 18 to 24 years. ... (5716 23 )

EFFECTS OF COMMUNITY COLLEGES ON LOW-INCOME MINORITY STUDENTS... academic achievement and career development of low-income minority students. ... diversified learners, commitment to innovation and nontraditional programming, and ... (2389 10 )


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