Normative and positive law

The rules may always be changed to best the current situation.

Public law, often referred to as criminal law, and private law, also referred to as

civil law is in certain aspects mirror images of one another. Public law is explained as

the relationship between individuals and the state and private law is the relationship

between individuals. Public law is concerned with things such as the protection of life,

property and the general rules of conduct that relate to society. Private law deals with

problems that relate to such things as the loaning of money, divorce, a contract, or an

accidental harming of another individual. Public law is punitive which means essentially

that the state punishes anyone breaking public law with criminal law however private law

is nonpunitive and is compensatory so it seeks more to restore what was lost or taken.

The goal of enforcing law is to protect morality, discover the truth, and ensure

ethical conduct among society so surely there should be some clear relationships between

law and justice, law and morality, and law and truth. I



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