Nietzsche on Education

This form of education is an express lane to a larger amount of workers who are taught to make money. They lack the means to think for themselves, or rather lack the time to think for themselves.

Nietzsche is a strong advocate for higher education. Too many children are passed through school when they were not born with the equipment to do so. Instead he believes that "all higher education belongs only to the exception: one must be privileged to have a right to so high a privilege(510). If the educators were superiorly educated and able to focus on the brightest and best students, Germany would be a more productive country. Instead there is an over abundance of students being educated, resulting in an assemblage of graduates with a mediocre education and docile demeanor. Nietzsche believes that this conventional style of education hurts the youth more than enlightens the youth, and has led to the downfall of Germany.

Nietzsche puts forth three requirements for all educators in order for the educational system to become noble. The first of his three tasks for which educators are required is that all educators must be able to see. By thi



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