Albert Speer

Speer's designs also included the Olympics which gained recognition for Germany internationally, and provided them with further confirmation of their racial theory being that Aryans such as themselves were the master race.

Speer was named General Building Inspector and in 1937 was handed a major task in which may have been his 'most ambitious architectural project of his career' which was to build 'Germania', the capital of the new Reich that was previously known as Berlin which was to be built with stone to support an image of the 'thousand year reich,' this was also used for propaganda purposes by the means of an impressive extent and in an approach that would endure a thousand years, thus solidifying Nazi ideology in the process. The buildings were meant to uphold the new community spirit of Germany and be a living display of the extent to German's of their racial community. Speer nevertheless went over



Several Personal Essays... Reality for those people outside of Spandau Prison in Berlin was that Albert Speer, a convicted war criminal, was inside of that prison, and that he would stay ... (2489 10 )

Albert Speers Memoris Inside the Third ReichAlbert Speer opens his memoirs, Inside the Third Reich, with the statement that if Hitler had had any friends, "I would have been his friend. ... (2663 11 )

Biological Weapons: 1914-1947 Chapter 1 This Chapter sum... According to Albert Speer, Nazi Minister of War, in his testimony at the Nuremburg trials, Nazi Germany accumulated in 1943-1944 substantial quantities of sarin ... (3889 16 )

Massive Production of B24 Aircraft... After the war, Albert Speer, the German wartime minister in charge of armaments production, stated that the Allied bombings often proved to be helpful, because ... (6961 28 )

THE HOLOCAUST and Germany... Albert Speer, in his memoirs, Inside the Third Reich, said of the 1938 pogroms of Krystallnacht that "something was beginning that would end with the ... (3453 14 )

Allied Forces Strategic Bombing Against Germany... After the war, Albert Speer (1970, p. 213), the German wartime minister in charge of armaments production, often proved to be helpful, because they forced the ... (4743 19 )


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