April 20: Littleton

The media pointed their fingers mostly at video games and music. Since the two boys who had committed the crimes were fans of not-so positive hero's this was easy.Marilyn Manson, a Goth-metal "freakaE took the blunt of the criticism, people actually blamed him for the events that took place on that fateful day. (Moore) Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (the two responsible for the massacre) were fans of Manson, and members of the trench-coat mafia were known to have used Manson's lyrics as insults toward jocks and other classmates. To the media this means that Marilyn Manson indirectly controlled the boys because they are too young to know any better. This is obviously ridiculous considering the two boys were seventeen and eighteen years of age, legal adults. They should've been completely responsible for their murders and should have known better. Videogames have been growing in popularity and graphic capability in the last ten years. The games have matured from eight bit games featuring happy little cartoons to highly realistic and violent games about characters who have broken lose from pri



School Violence... attempting to bring a gun to school (Egan, 1998). 20 April 1999, Littleton, Colo. Heavily armed Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, 17, killed ... (4968 20 )

The Murders at Columbine High School... On the morning of April 20, 1999, two students at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, walked onto the high school campus and began shooting. ... (2691 11 )

Problem & Proposed Solutions to School Violence... Faltermayer, Charlotte. "What Is Justice for a Sixth-Grade Killer?" Time 6 April 1998: 36-37. Gibbs, Nancy. "The Littleton Massacre." Time 3 May 1999: 20-36. ... (3173 13 )

Francis Marion's Exploits... Shortly after he enlisted, however, Littleton negotiated a ... On April 19, 1775, the situation escalated to the ... Only 20 captains were needed, and Congress decided ... (4228 17 )

Copoal Punishment in American Schools... unsettling of these incidents occurred in April 1999 at ... The response of officials to the Littleton incident, however ... assistants while Wright paddled him 20 times ... (7069 28 )

Dewey's Education Theory... understandable--empathy for Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris," who killed 15 students and teachers in Littleton, Colorado. ... (2002, April). ... NEA Today, 20, 20. ... (7733 31 )


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