Salsa History

Though having dance styles of their own Puerto Ricans frequently borrow, then improve upon Cuban dance styles. This is important because since the 1920's Puerto Ricans have migrated to America, namely New York City, and have had a huge impact on the Latin music culture. During this time 50,000 Puerto Ricans migrated to America. During the years from 1949 to 1969 the popularity of Latin music became apparent. In this time span an additional 800,000 Puerto Ricans migrated to America. After moving to America many Puerto Ricans were forced to live in the ghettos. The traditional music of their homeland was often the only release from the frustrations of daily life. During this time the form of salsa "musica calienteaE was formed. Musica caliente used to tell storys of the struggle and frustration many Puerto Rican Americans were feeling at the time. Expressions of emotions, future aspirations, patriotism towards their countries, and romance were also seen. This lead to what is now considered salsa. Fania records, started in 1964 by Johnn



The cooking of Liguria and Italian Cuisine... that of most of Italy's regional cuisines, reflects the geography, history and economics ... interlayered with a vinegary raw sauce known simply as salsa genovese. ... (2623 10 )

Microsoft vs. Google: Compare and Contrast... There are special interests groups ranging from wine tasting to salsa dancing and including ... of the markets in which they compete, both have a history that also ... (2442 10 )

Anthropology Research: New Trends... fertile land, to which tobacco and sugarcane are indigenous, also influenced history. ... is a style of popular dance music that is the foundation of modern salsa. ... (2971 12 )

Bratwurst and Community... Many Americans got their first taste of chili peppers through salsa. ... According to an essay published on The Material History of American Religion website, once ... (613 2 )

Arrest the Music... Afrobeat drew on the influences of indigenous Youruba rhythms, highlife, salsa, American soul ... was through her that Fela was exposed to the history and struggle ... (1326 5 )

Foods... the option of choosing many varieties of baked potato toppings, from salsa and sour ... The Chicken McNugget, the most successful menu item in the history of the ... (3146 13 )


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