The Reconstruction Era

These issues were rebuilding the south, readmitting the southern states to the Union, and racial equality. Problems like these led to chaos in nearly every direction. In my opinion, you had too many problems to try to solve in too little time. There were also too many people you had to deal with. Let me give you a example of this: The Union wanted equal rights for African Americans, but a lot of the southern states passed Black Codes. These codes were as close to slavery as they could get. Stampp is an expert in Civil War history and is the

author of Indiana Politics during the Civil War, And the War Came, and The Peculiar Institution. He edited The Causes of the Civil War and was co-author of The American Experience.

Stampp calls himself a revisionist and I agree and disagree with him about naming his views like this. To start out his first chapter of The Era of Reconstruction 1865-1877, he named it "The Tragic Legend of Reconstruction." This signifies to me that he thought the Reconstruction was a disaster. In short, I get the feeling of his whole overview in that one chapter title.

The first problem I would like to address with Reconstruction is the treatment of the former Confederacy. In earlier



Southern African Americans: 1877-1915... That the African-American-dominated governments during the Reconstruction era had been quite restrained in dealing with the whites, few of whom had been slave ... (1493 6 )

Reconstruction Period... politics. Its sister term, "scalawag," a Reconstruction era Southern Republican, has not gained such general currency. 2Eric Foner ... (2425 10 )

Civil War and Reconstruction... Reconstruction The era or period of Reconstruction in the US was a challenging one for both North and South, as the South began the long process of rebuilding ... (1874 7 )

Historiography... The major problem with this particular paradigm of Civil War and Reconstruction era history is that it is an ahistorical one. Because ... (2423 10 )

EMANCIPATION AND RECONSTRUCTION... Notwithstanding the ultimate failure of Reconstruction governments, Perman views the era "as an era of improvement in southern race relations" (p. 82) and ... (1548 6 )

Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction... Byrd, RC (1990). The Senate-1789-1989; Chapter 15, The Era of Reconstruction: 1865-1868., US History. Castel, A. (1979). The Presidency of Andrew Johnson. ... (2474 10 )


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