Cerebrovascular Accident

If the obstruction is on the right side of the brain; vision problems, paralysis on the left side of the body (including left side of face), memory loss, and a quick, inquisitive behavior style could all be signs and symptoms of a right hemisphere obstruction. If the obstruction is on the left side; aphasia (speech problems), paralysis on the right side of the body (including right side of face), memory loss, and a slow, cautious behavior style could all be signs and symptoms of a left hemisphere obstruction.

There are many risk factors associated with stroke. The more risk factors a person has, the greater the chance that he or she will have a stroke. Some of these you have no control of, such as increasing age, family health history, race and gender. But you can change or treat most other risk factors to lower your risk. The chance of having a stroke more than doubles every decade after the age of 55. The chance is greater in people who have a family history of stroke. African Americans have a much higher risk of disability and death from a stroke than whites, in part because blacks have a greater incidence of high blood pressure,



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Patient Falls... And the only primary diagnosis found in the Patrick and Blodgett (2001) study that revealed significant predictive power was cerebrovascular accident (CVA). ... (993 4 )

Hypertension and Mortality... The Evaluation Group of Long-term Antihypertensive Treatment documented a higher risk of cerebrovascular accident with the use of dihydropyridine calcium ... (2479 10 )

Creatine Phosphokinase and Isoeletric Focusing... CK is also elevated in conditions such as hypothyroidism, cerebrovascular accident, hypothermia, creatine kinase, fibrates, viral diseases, malignant ... (3113 12 )

Fatigue and Aviation Maintenance... In the wake of the 1988 Aloha Airlines B737-200 accident, the FAA not ... an insufficient supply of blood to the heart muscle) or cerebrovascular disease (stroke). ... (9757 39 )

Electrical Nerve Stimulation Electrotheraphy... some combination of these factors, often arrived at by accident, will yield ... centrally, TENS has been applied against pain caused by cerebrovascular lesions (16 ... (4591 18 )


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