Martin luther king jr. and gandhi

He wanted to show the world that many conflicts could be resolved without using violence. By achieving the independence of India through nonviolence, Gandhi proved to the world that using this method is possible to effect change in the world and to make the world a more peaceful place. Along the road to independence from Britain, one of the great things that Gandhi accomplished in India was to improve the economy and give the people of India something to do in their spare time. For example, most of the clothes worn by the Indian people were made in Britain, so Gandhi told everybody to burn their old clothes and start spinning themselves new ones made in India. Instead of wasting money on buying clothes from Britain, India was able to make clothes, while weakening Britain and strengthening itself. This use of Satyagraha was one of the many ways Gandhi helped India weaken Britain. Like Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi stood up for what he believed in, but also had to suffer the consequences of his actions such as spending six years in prison for his political activities. Gan



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