A ride through the valley of death


Like the desk officers, she too seemed to have absorbed and integrated herself into the police subculture. She went out after work to drink with her fellow employees, joked with other officers, knew their intimate life histories, understood them as men who bore the crime-fighting responsibility on their shoulders. Further research should be conducted on dispatchers as components of the police force. As I learned, they too possess discretionary decision-making power. Their particularized knowledge determines which units, if any, respond to a specific call, which calls are "bullshit," "crap" calls that become routine and do not demand action, and which officers get "excited" when calling for an assist or chasing down a suspect.

Interviewing my companion officer, John Davis, provided a rich background from which to analyze his actions and discretionary decision-making patterns (the foreground). For officer Davis, 1987 marked his seventh year on the Glendale police force. In this span of time, he had worked as an observer in the G. P. D. helicopter, at the K-9 desk, in the records department, in a unit equivalent to LAPD's Crash unit, as an FTO, and as a patro



My Darling Clementine... The film opens with a Monument Valley panorama, as a ... dangerous man sizing up the stranger passing through his little ... He does not even ride off into the sunset ... (1378 6 )

Roles of the Pyramids and Funeral Rituals in Old Kingdom Egypt... deceased ascended to the heavens, to ride in the ... natural apertures in the body or through incisions made ... the regular inundation of their valley and, afterward ... (3838 15 )

Meditation and Ritual in Religion... Hinduism combined the religions of the Indus Valley in northwestern ... by the practice of yoga and through the guidance of ... is no way out except to ride the river ... (1542 6 )

John Ford's Themes & Styles in 3 Films... to explore the American character, especially through his Westerns ... makes the Western ballad "Red River Valley" the film's ... and his brothers seem to ride out of ... (2804 11 )

Francis Marion's Exploits... American Revolution have been retold through the generations ... story of Paul RevereÆs midnight ride, the famous ... George WashingtonÆs troops at Valley Forge, and ... (4228 17 )

Andrew Carnegie & Bill Gates A Comparitive... (Wall 83) On the boat ride over from ... made man who had also forgone advancing himself through the traditional ... How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make their Millions ... (2890 12 )


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