Area 51

It consisted of three hangers, a control tower, a mess hall, runways, and an area with mobile homes for soldiers to live at. The U-2's were also brought here during this time (Campbell 1996).

Activity at Groom Lake soon started on August 4, 1955. This was the first flight of a U-2 plane at Groom Lake. Around two weeks later, President Eisenhower signed the executive order 10633. This order restricted air space over Groom Lake. This airspace was five by nine miles long, and was called the "Las Vegas ProjectaE (Cambell 1996). When the public and press became aware of this area, they were told that this area was a small complex with "dormitories, equipment, buildings, and a small airstrip.aE The media was also told that this area was going to be a bomb testing area for the military. They were told nothing about the testing of the U-2 spy planes. When asked about the spotting of a U-2 plane in the area, representative of the base said that the plane was just there to make weather observations for the Air Weather Service of the US Air Force. It was later learned that this base was called "WatertownaE (Wallace 1997).

Over the next few years testing continue



Aliens... Such rumors are fueled by the existence of an area called Groom Lake, more commonly referred to as “Area 51”, (Area 1). Area 51 is an off-limits government ... (1290 5 )

UFOs... area called Groom Lake, more commonly referred to as ôArea 51ö (Area, 2005, p. 1). Area 51 is an off-limits government installation in the desert of Nevada. ... (1355 5 )

Decision Factors in Small Electronic Companies... 3.7 (52) 2.6 (40) Health care costs 3.6 (51) 3.3 (40) Labor costs 4.1 (53) 3.9 (40) Welfare costs 3.9 (51) 2.8 (40) Familiarity with the area 3.7 (51) 2.5 (40 ... (6024 24 )

Demographic Study of Mexico City... Table 2 ù MTxico City Population Density (1600-2000) Year Area (km¦) Population Urban density ... 1980-1999 1950-1969 1970-1979 1980-1999 MTxico 13 8 6 51 61 66 ... (2056 8 )

Effects of El Nino Weather Pattern in Denver & LA... The Chart 2 Temperature (Degrees) Effects of the El Ni±o of 1982-1983 on the Denver Metropolitan Area and the ... Sep 82 63 62 - 1 73 70 - 3 Oct 82 52 51 - 1 69 ... (1890 8 )

INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL AGREEMENTS... the city and above Juarez just across the border (Elmer DeWitt, 1991, p. 51). ... In the El Paso area, air pollution is responsible for health problems ranging ... (1074 4 )


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