Many people disliked Abelard, including bishops, abbots, his own student monks,

church councils, and specifically St. Bernard of Clairvaux. However, before anyone

attacked Abelard he was a young boy with an eagerness to learn all he could about all

types of subjects. As he aged, two men, William of Champeaux and Anselm of Laon,

became increasingly annoyed by Peter's antics.

First, William, Abelard's philosophy teacher recognized the burdening intellect

that he possesed and was troubled when his Abelard started to argue his lectures.

According to Abelard in his atuo-biographical letters, Historia Calamitatum, "but later I

brought him great greif, because I undertook to refute certain of his William opinions,

no infrequently attacking him in disputation, and now and then in these debates I was

adjudged victor. Now this, to those among my fellow students who were ranked foremost,

seemed all the more insufferable because of my youth and the brief duration of my

studies" (pp 2-3). The arrogance at which Abelard spoke and his ability to create logical



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