Articles Vs. Constitution

Two of the biggest problems with the Articles and the Confederation Congress were that it was denied the power to regulate commerce and it could not collect taxes from the states. This especially, was very harmful to the major debt of the country after the war. Money had been borrowed from other countries to pay for troops, weapons, and supplies. Since Congress could not force the states to pay taxes, the government had no way of repaying the debt. Also, Congress was unable to regulate commerce, many of the states had their own currencies and arguments arose over which states' money had more value. Another problem under the Articles of Confederation was that in Congress, the states were not represented fairly. With the current government, every state had one vote, no matter the size of the population of that state. In order to pass a bill, nine states had to agree that it should go into effect. To amend the Articles, all of the states had to give consent, which was nearly impossible.

Luckily, these problems did not go unnoticed, in May of 1787, the colonies decided to call a convention of the states to revise the Articles. Twelve



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