Legalizing Marijuana

A few of the disadvantages of legalizing marijuana include abuse, health problems, and hazard to others. Throughout all of the debate surrounding this issue, one thing remains, while people are sitting around debating whether ill people should use marijuana to help them feel better, there are sick people sitting around making themselves feel better illegally through the use of marijuana.

Marijuana, pot, bud, weed, or cannabis Sativa, no matter how it is referred to it is still illegal to have, use, or prescribe in the United States. Although it is not legal, marijuana is a hallucinogenic and intoxicating plant that is used for many purposes. This is a source of great debate in the American society today.

When looking back through history, it is seen that marijuana has been used by many different cultures for many different purposes. For instance, marijuana is known to have been used by the Chinese as early as 2737 B. C.

Despite this knowledge that this drug is illegal, researchers have continued finding new ways for marijuana to assist in alleviating the symptoms in many patients. Research has found that AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, and mult



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