The Importance of Energy in Our Daily Life

Almost all the things we use everyday could not be made or used without energy.

Next you may eat breakfast. If you had pancakes or anything cooked, energy from your stove or microwave cooked your breakfast. Now imagine never being able to eat food cooked on a stove. You dinner and lunch couldn't be warm or cooked and would get boring.

Next you will go to school, which involves energy getting there. If you get a ride to school in either a school bus or a car, gasoline is used to power the car. You will probably pass a traffic light on your way to school and that is powered by electricity. Without energy cars would be going all over the place and crashing all the time. Traffic lights help manage the chaos. If you walked to school you used the energy your body made from converting calories from food to energy.

When you arrive at school the bell rings. Energy allowed it to ring. You hear announcements on a loud speaker that is powered by electricity.

Now imagine yourself in a class when someone's cell phone starts ringing. Energy causes this person to get in trouble.

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The modern Christian church... on a wider field of view and importance, yet it ... internally, it will be manifested externally in our dealings with ... of their time, money, ideas, and energy (81). ... (2447 10 )

Physical Well-Being and Emotions... donÆt think there is enough energy within the ... left the house to undertake our daily goals and ... experience has reaffirmed the importance of psychoneuroimmunology ... (1847 7 )

Photographer Ansel Adams... Our lust for energy dams the rivers ... They affect us through our senses directly without first being processed ... was the role that was of greatest importance to him ... (1824 7 )

Frank Howell... and evoke a sense of industry, energy, quiet and ... contribution comes from his stressing the importance in recognizing ... all that is universal in our daily lives. ... (1215 5 )

Phenomena of Electricity... scale, it had in common with the energy processes of ... The social and economic importance of the telegraph went ... We now make our corrections on the screen, and ... (7728 31 )

Developmental Theories 1. Introduction 1 2. Th... When there is an energy imbalance, inappropriate behaviors often ... Once considered to be of little importance, children in ... In conducting our lives in such a way ... (4359 17 )


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