American Stewardship in the 1900’s

They were the one's with the most money therefore, they had it in their hands to change the laborers wages, benefits and working hours.

Since the wealthy were just into getting wealthier, only a select few showed concern to the problems their workers faced outside their organizations. The stewards only recognized wages as their main obligation to the workers, and to give them their wages in a timely manner was sufficient. That is evident from Kirby, another character in the novel and the son of the mill owner "...I wash my hand of all social problems, --slavery, caste, white or black. My duty to my operatives has a narrow limit, -- the pay-hour on Saturday night. Out-side of that, if they cut korl, or cut each other's throats, (the more popular amusement of the two,) I am not responsible.aE (Davis 55). Although Kirby's claim is legitimate from his point of view, Brownson argues that the system of labor at a wage used is the cause of the social problems at his time. The stewards set the wage to their own benefit so they can grow richer (Brownson 213).

Andrew Carnegie in The Gospel of wealth supports the notion of striving to acquire more wealth by descri



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