An Overview of Linux

In August 1991, Torvalds started the work on his operating system that was going to be run on AT clones. It was originally set up as a BETA testing situation, but would become bigger with the help of the testers. Soon Linux was jumping from version 0.01 to version 0.10 thanks to programmers tweaking the system. Version 0.10 could support AT hard disks but had no login, so more tweaking pushed Linux to version 0.11. In this version, multilingual keyboards and floppy disk drives could be used, and VGA, EGA, Hercules, and more could be supported. The versions were jumping up left and right, soon reaching 0.96. Everyone was sending the source codes over FTP and soon people were falling in love with Linux.

Running many programs from the GNU project, Linux was ready for the big market, so it became licensed under the GNU General Public License and people began gobbling it up like crazy. Many vendors jumped on the train and made Linux even better by bundling up various software of Linux to make it similar to the more common operating system packages that were in the market at the time. Red Hat, Caldra, and many others made Linux popular thanks mainly to th



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