Definition of an Ideal Society

This Utopian society's look would be bland and boring, perfect for that of the modern world. There would be no vibrant colors or patterns, only black, whites, and grays. With the color red serving as only a warning on the posters that lined the walls of the city. People would appear the same no matter what color skin they had, sexual orientation, or social standings. By this we would accomplish unity and togetherness, a very much preached method in the society of today, perfected in this Utopia. You can't hate someone if they look exactly like you. So in turn this would eliminate many hate crimes and other such racial, sexual and gender motivated attacks. Uniqueness is just a causality of perfection and to achieve perfection we have to squelch anyone's ideas of self expression through fashion.

Society cannot function without labor, so in my ideal society, a utopian existence would occur in the form of everyone doing there own work for societies benefit. In a sense, it would be a sort of a Socialist existence. You would do what your best at, and would not get anymore money than anyone else. There would be no social standards due to the job that



MULTICULTURALISM Introduction What is multicult... turn, sufficient to be labeled " a multiculturalist." The second category of definition for the ... which is that such a society is really the ideal society, and is ... (2530 10 )

MULTICULTURALISM Introduction What is multicult... to be labeled Ɠ a multiculturalist.ƶ The second category of definition for the ... an element which is that such a society is really the ideal society, and is ... (2530 10 )

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Confucian Tradition & Early Chou Political Order... effect of institutionalizing li as a principal element of appropriate social definition. ... becomes a decisive metaphor for the whole of ideal society, which for ... (2117 8 )


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