Ancient South East Asia

One important point is that this "LawaE is always the same no mater how many lifetimes have passed by. The story states that future Buddhas would preach the same "LawaE to all creatures, thus creating a sense of "SamenessaE, a sense of unity. And this was to be emulated by the South East Asian leaders, to preach a common ideology in the hope of unifying his people. South East Asian leaders proliferated Buddhist texts around their kingdom, to propagate this common ideology and thus to create a sense of "SamenessaE around their kingdoms.

A king would want to instill good moral values among his people and the stories from the Ramayana and Buddha's Life help to further emphasize the importance of good values. From the Ramayana, the stories usually revolve around the theme of good triumphing over evil. For example, how Rama would kill demons to protect the Sage. And good values and morals and explained in stories like "Ahalya's storyaE where the woman was turned into stone, for being unfaithful to her husband, for eternity until someone pure and filled with good values touches it. These stories serve to further emphasize the importance of having good values or



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