Aims of Capital Punishment

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Denunciation is a key aim of sentencing. This means society's disapproval of criminal activity. The White Paper of 1990 also described denunciation as a priority in most sentences, stating that not only should the punishment match the harm done but also show society's disapproval of that harm. It also stated that 'The first objective for all sentences is the denunciation of and retribution for crime. An example of denunciation is the case of R v Meggs. Mr E. Meggs was convicted of specimen counts of incest with two daughters over a period of years. Although Incest is an indictable offence he was given a large custodial sentence totalling ten years. Although this combined many different aims of sentencing denunciation was a key focus, and society's disapproval was reflected in his sentence.

Incapacitation is another aim of sentencing. This simply means to prevent an offender from committing further offences and thereby protecting the public. Incapacitation is also based on the idea that a sentence can serve a purpose for society as a whole. The concept of incapacitation is reinforced within the Powers



Capital Punishment... is because despite one’s viewpoint on the use of capital punishment, the issue ... However, it is clear that while international opinion aims to restrict and ... (1894 8 )

Pro Capital Punishment... Until empirical evidence proves otherwise, capital punishment, under carefully prescribed conditions ... greater evils for which the death penalty aims to provide ... (2891 12 )

History of Punishment of Criminals... communities. It aims at repairing the damage done to victims and their families. ... trials. References Capital punishment. (Undated). Retrieved Aug. ... (2067 8 )

AMNESTY IUNTERNATIONAL: HOW IT WORKS... This Appeal had four aims: "to work impartially for the release of those ... of Illinois, for "instigating a new national debate on capital punishment by declaring ... (2747 11 )

English Law, British Political System... own era---is an integrated part: In brief, this work aims to show ... make laws and implement them, up to and including the implementation of capital punishment. ... (3897 16 )

OJ Simpson Trial... Defense counsel aims to use voir dire to mitigate the impact of pretrial ... The argument that capital punishment deters a killer from ever killing again is an ... (1783 7 )


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