Hyperactivity means the state or condition of being excessively or pathologically active. All the subcategories of hyperactivity have to do with the inability to keep still and the actions a person with ADD might do because of their restless traits. Impulsivity means actuated by or prone to act on impulse. The subcategories of impulsivity are actions that are a result to acting on impulse.

There are three distinct forms of Attention Deficit Disorder. Outwardly Expressive ADD, Inwardly Directed ADD, and Highly Structured ADD. These three are not set types for every person; a person can have a combination of these three types. Outwardly Expressive ADD is a type of ADD where a person communicates so that everyone knows what he or she is feeling. This behaviour is characterized by hyperactivity, impulsive behaviour, a low frustration threshold, high level risk taking, difficulty with long term projects, and little interest in details, lack of temper control, expressive moods, and having an outgoing personality. I, myself is diagnosed with Outwardly Expressive ADD. I didn't realize I had this until moving here and noticing my short temper, and inability to finish



ADD and ADHDADD and ADHD. ... The purpose of this paper is to bring some perspective to the issue of whether ADD and ADHD represent one or two clinical conditions. ... (2517 10 )

ADDADD. ... Mannuzza, Klein, Bessler, Malloy, and LaPadula (1997) also expressed the concern that very little is known about the adult outcome of ADD. ... (2725 11 )

ADD/ADHDADD/ADHD. ADD/ADHD ... Kauffman, 1992). The American Psychiatric Association (1994) uses the following criteria in the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD. ... (2452 10 )

ADD/ADHD Classroom GroupingADD/ADHD Classroom Grouping. ADD/ADHD Classroom Grouping Helping children with ADD/ADHD succeed in the classroom is dependent on several factors. ... (633 3 )

Succeeding in school and making my life as productive as possible ...I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) when I was a sophomore in high school. ... Here I was taught to understand and learn, despite my ADD. ... (574 2 )

OLESTRA Olestra is a chemical fat-free food addOLESTRA Olestra is a chemical fat-free food add. OLESTRA Olestra is a chemical fat-free food additive which was conditionally approved ... (2175 9 )


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